Ready, set, NIFA!!

First off I’m thrilled to finally start another semester here at the University of Oklahoma, and finally getting back to flying. Over the past two weeks I’ve been extremely busy with getting my class schedule set, completing class assignments, getting my flights complete, and also making sure that I’m getting involved in both campus and aviation activities. One organization that I’m looking forward to the most this semester is getting to practice with the University of Oklahoma NIFA team!

For those of you who may not be familiar with, or exactly know what NIFA is, NIFA stands for the National Intercollegiate Flight Association an organization that provides flight competition for aviation students across the country ( So basically it’s a competition where aviation universities compete against one another; for example, the University of Oklahoma is in region 6 and will compete against other universities and institutions in region 6. The top scoring schools from each region all across the country gets to go and compete in the national NIFA event in Ohio in order to be the top team in the entire country later on in the school year. Here’s the catch about this competition, it’s not all about flying; in fact typically there are three to four flight and ground event during a competition (you can look up these events on NIFA’s website to see the rules and requirements for these events). At the end all the points earned by a university is added up to a total score and the results are announced.

This year the University of Oklahoma will not only be competing in the region 6 NIFA competition; but, we will also be hosting the region 6 competition in the middle of October here at Max Westheimer Airport (KOUN) in Norman, Oklahoma. So I’m sure as you can imagine we have a lot to do in a short period of time along with practice and other events before the big week. So this past Tuesday me and a bunch of other aviation students gathered for our very first meeting at Max Westheimer airport to go over the rules and what events we would be interested in competing, along with what all needs to get done in order to make sure we are excellent host.

After hearing all the events and the rules for each one, I’ve decided that I’m really interested in three events, the preflight inspection, the message drop event, and the E6B calculation event (again all these events are on NIFA’s website and I’ll explain them a little more in a later blog). So as you can see it’s going to be a long, and busy next few weeks, but I’m really excited and hopeful that I will get to represent the University of Oklahoma in this years competition, and I will certainly keep you informed on our progress as well as feedback and results when the big week arrives. Until then everyone remember that “Adventure is out there!!” and I look forward to blogging about my many other aviation adventures over the school year.

  • Hey guys if you want to find out some great information about Max Westheimer Airport or any other airport across the country go to ( to check out any information you’d like to know.
  • Also I’m very honored to have been a recipient of the Calvin L. Carritehers scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year. I encourage you to read other people’s blog and I would love to hear feedback, questions, or blogs that you’d like for me to blog about this year!



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