Accelerated stalls, chandells, steep spirals, and a new airplane.. oh my!

This past week I’ve been reviewing a lot of the basic maneuvers, takeoffs and landings that I learned in private pilot. While it’s been great to review everything I’ve learned in private pilot, now that I’m in advanced flying I’ve been introduced to some new maneuvers and even got to fly in a brand new aircraft. So let me give you a basic run down and some information about each maneuver, as well as my experience flying a Cessna 152.

Accelerated stall- So here’s a basic fact whether you are an aviation person or not, a plane can stall in any configuration. In an accelerated stall the goal is basically to get the aircraft back into a cruise state or to increase the airspeed. For example let’s say you are flying and you begin a turn and you look out the window and you get distracted by something, little do you know you begin to add back pressure on the yoke and the aircraft begins to stall. In order to recover from the stall you add full power and get the wings leveled so that way you can increase your speed and get out of the stall since you run the possibility of going into a spin.

Chandells- This is by far the most fun maneuver that I’ve learned in my aviation career. Pretend that you are in a city that is situated between mountains and you are trying to take off from the local airport, but realize that you have to climb over these mountains but no matter which way you look there are mountains everywhere. This is where chandells can help you. A chandelle is basically a 180 degree turn with climb, so here’s how you execute a chandelle in a situation. You take off from the airport and start climbing, for the chandelle you want to turn into the wind so for example if the winds are out of the south(180) you want to fly west(270) bound and then your first turn will always be to the left. As you begin to turn start adding back pressure to climb since we want to get over those mountains. Your turn should be around 30 degrees for the first 90 degrees and then shallow it out in the last 90 degrees. As you role out to a east (090) you will notice that your airspeed is really close or at stalling speed. To fix this all you do is level off let the airspeed increase and then do another chandelle except this time to the right, and you keep doing this until you’ve cleared those mountains.

Steep spirals- So just like turns around a point where you make a 360 degree circle around a point (usually a 4 way intersection on the ground) and make wind corrections (for example when you are in the 180 degree half where you battle the winds your turn will be steeper and when you are with the wind in the other 180 it’s more shallow) but for spirals you are losing altitude rather than maintaining altitude. Most of the time this maneuver is executed with power to near or at idle (no power) in order to keep a constant airspeed as well as maintaining a constant descent with each spiral usually about a 1,000 feet per spiral. The goal of this maneuver is to keep a constant 360 turn around the point you’ve selected while keeping constant airspeed and descent.

In addition to learning these new maneuvers, I also got to fly a Cessna 152 for the first time ever in my flying career, and to be honest it was a different experience. Over the past year I’ve only flown in a Piper Warrior and going to Cessna 152 really put me in a uncomfortable and unique feeling since the wings were above me and much longer than that of a Warrior as well as having a much larger Empennage. I also found it a little uncomfortable since all the controls and buttons were in different places than that of a Warrior so it was certainly a little bit of a challenge. But some things that I loved about the Cessna was that it took off much quicker and easier than the warrior does. In addition the landings were a lot as much of a challenge than that of a Warrior and it felt a lot easier to handle the flare of the Cessna compared to the Warrior. In all it was again a unique and different experience.

Well everyone as you can see it’s been a very busy past few days for me and if you want to learn more about other pilots and there different experiences or just want to read other people’s blogs check out ( for some great stories from other pilots and aviation people from all over the world. Remember guys “Adventure is out there”.


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