Annual Aviation Open House Weekend Festival

When it comes to the weekend for many college students, we look forward to a variety of events such as college football, sleeping in, not having to go to classes, hanging out with friends and a whole lot more. This upcoming weekend is a very special weekend for me as well as everyone in the entire aviation department here at the University of Oklahoma since we are hosting our 10th annual aviation open house weekend to the general public. It’s so exciting for us since we not only get to show off our department, but also since we show off some awesome airplanes, let people get to go up into the tower, take pictures with friends and family; and every year the general public just love the fact they can bring their whole family and just enjoy all the hands on activities that the open house offers.

I actually remember the first time I attended the open house back in 2014 when I was a senior in High School, and I remember getting to meet the entire faculty and staff, as well as asking them questions about the aviation department since I was still undecided of where I wanted to go for college. After spending that afternoon at the open house I felt that I had pretty much made up my mind that the University of Oklahoma was where I wanted to learn to become a pilot and call Norman my new home for the next four years.

As I began my first semester of college last year, I looked forward to the open house weekend once again; except this time I wouldn’t be a spectator, but I would be one of the students helping out with the event. Getting to help was one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences I had from last year, especially when little kids would come up to me and ask questions about the different planes we had, they especially loved it when they got to go into the cockpit and pretend to be pilots. I even recall one little boy telling me that “one day I’m going to be a pilot flying the big airplanes” and I told him that he better save me a seat on his first flight since I wanted to be one of his passengers. Seeing these little kids get so excited about airplanes really helped to remind me why I was studying to become a pilot because I remember when I was that six year old kid pretending to be the pilot of my own aircraft and how I wanted to be commercial pilot in the future, so these little kids helped continue to spark my love for flying.

So if you live in the Norman or Oklahoma City area, I encourage you to come to our open house this weekend on October 1st at Max Westheimer Airport and invite your whole family for a great afternoon of fun filled activities that the whole family will love.

Well that’s it for this weeks post guys and I’ll be posting more pictures and my experience with this years open house in next weeks blog and remember to check out other people’s blog at Until next time remember “Adventure is out there”.

Photo credits to the University of Oklahoma aviation department


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