A fun filled Aviation weekend

I want to fist off apologize for such a late post, when you have two midterms one week and three the following week it can sometimes be difficult to get away from studying. Anyway, this past week for me has been absolutely busy with midterms, practicing for our NIFA regional contest, and trying to deal with not flying due to bad weather in the Oklahoma area for the past few days; luckily for us, the University of Oklahoma aviation department was able to host our annual aviation festival on Saturday, October 1st right before all the craziness began.
As I stated in my last post every year the University of Oklahoma aviation department opens the airport for the general public to come and check out incredible planes, helicopters, military aircraft, experience hands on activities and even meet Boomer and Sooner the two horses that pull the Sooner Schooner. It seems that every year the crowds always get larger and larger, and this year most certainly didn’t disappoint since over 3,000 people from across the state came to our open house. I personally took some pictures, and I will try to upload them another day (sorry guys something is not right with my phone), but I encourage you to click this link https://www.facebook.com/OUaviation/ to check out some amazing photos our department took at the event.

Personally, I had an amazing time helping out with the event and was in shock of how many people decided to come to our event this year, even my family made the drive down to come and check it out. To me this was extra special since I was able to show them my daily life as a pilot in training along with getting to give them a personal tour of the facility, taking them up to our control tower, and showing them the cockpit of our aircrafts in the OU fleet. As a volunteer and student of the event, I was also helped with giving others a tour and answering questions people had about our aircraft’s. Our most common aircraft in the OU aircraft fleet is the Piper warrior, which the department owns 12-15 of these aircraft’s. As part of the event we had many of our Piper warriors on the tarmac and allowed for kids and their parents to sit in cockpit. The little kids were overwhelmed with excitement, especially when they pretended to fly the airplane and make airplane noises, so it definitely brought a huge smile to my face. Not going to lie though the only thing that sort of worried us was that at some points we had to make sure they weren’t aggressive on the yokes in order not to damage the airplane, so we kindly reminded them to remember that this is not a play toy.

Along with showing off our airplanes, we also had a lot of various other aviation groups fly in from across the state. Groups like news helicopters, corporate jets, and even a few military aircraft’s form local air force bases brought their huge aircraft’s over for the public to check out. I even think in one of the photos that the department took you can even see Boomer, the OU mascot causing a little trouble in a military chopper. Finally, we had a lot of hands on activities like building your own planes, face painting, simulators and so much more for everyone to keep busy, and looked like everyone who came out had an incredible time.

In the end I was so glad that this year was our largest turn out so far and so many people told us that they look forward to us doing it again next year, and we hope it will be even bigger and better next year so that more people come out and see just how cool aviation is and can be.

Well everyone that’s it for this week’s post again checkout those photos on the Aviation departments website and checkout Globalair.com/blogs for other great post by other aviation lovers. Until next time everyone, remember “Adventure is out there!”


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