Region 6 NIFA competition results

Happy Halloween week everyone! I hope you all came up with some creative costumes, and can you believe that it’s already fixing to be November and almost the end of this semester? man time flies. As I promised last week, this week I will be posting the official results, as well as my experience, competing in the region 6 NIFA competition. But before I discuss the region 6 results, I want to give you a little history of how NIFA was established and exactly what they do. 


In 1919 with young aviators returning from WW I, wanted to expand their skills and training used in combat flying to expand aviation on the university level. In 1919 twelve students at Columbia University came together and established the Aero Club of Columbia the first official university aviation club in the nation. Shortly after the establishment of the Aero Club of Columbia, universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Lehigh, and other universities and colleges across the United States established aviation clubs. In May of 1920, nine schools competed at Mitchel Field in the first ever National Collegiate Flight Association (NIFA) (yes NIFA has been around for almost 100 years) where Yale won the very first competition. Ever since that first competition, NIFA has evolved to where now over eighty school compete in ten different regions across the country

Region 6  NIFA contest

So now that I’ve introduced a little history of NIFA, I want to present to you the day-by day activities from the region 6 competition hosted by the University of Oklahoma from October 16-20, as well as the results from the competition. Let me say this much due to weather it was a wild and wacky regional competition. Here are the following schools that competed in the region 6 competition:

University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Kansas State at Salina, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, University of Central Missouri, Parks College St. Louis University.

Monday- Monday presented gusty winds, even at some points the winds were reporting at gust of 30-35 knots which cancelled the message drop competition (which I was competing in). Message drop was then moved to Wednesday. Throughout the rest of the day we took all of our ground test which included Aircraft recognition, E6B test (I took this test), and the SCAN test. Since message drop was supposed to be during the afternoon we ended the day early.

Tuesday- With the weather perfect, the teams competed in the Navigation event which lasted all day. While teams were out competing in the Navigation event, other events were going on which included the preflight inspection and the simulator event. 

Wednesday- With a cold front pushing through later in the late afternoon and evening hours that also presented a slight chance of thunderstorms, Wednesday was by far the longest day since it included all of our landing events as well as the addition of the message drop competition form Monday. With the weather outlook calling for winds to come out of the north we marked up the southwest runway ( runway 3)  and we began the landing competition. However, as we began the power off landings, the winds were coming out of the south and a lot of competitors kept floating down the runway and missing the target zone that they needed to land on. About halfway through the power off landings, the schools came together and refused to fly until the runways were remarked in accordance with the winds which caused an hour delay since we had to mark runway 21 for landings. Once the runway was marked we completed the power off landings and the power on landings and went right into the message drop contest. With the front quickly approaching we were rushed to get all the message drop flights in. I was in heat number seven, but during heat number five storms were surrounding the airport and lightning had been spoted a few miles from the airport, the judges officially ended competition since all school were able to get two drops in the event.

Thursday- Thursday evening was the award ceremony which was held at the National Weather Service building on the campus at the University of Oklahoma and everyone was anxious to find out the results of the competition. Since the top three schools from the regional competition would qualify for nationals, we only found out the top three school from our region. Here are the top three schools from region six.

1st place- Oklahoma State University

2nd Place- University of Nebraska at Omaha

3rd place- Kansas State at Salina

 Congratulations to all the schools who competed in the region six competition, especially to the schools who qualified for nationals. I also want to say that we the University of Oklahoma were extremely honored to host this year’s regional competition.

Personal thoughts– So this year was my first year competing with the University of Oklahoma flight team and here are my personal thoughts from this year’s competition. I’m not going to lie when I say I’m a little frustrated since I didn’t compete in any flying events due to weather, but I will say I learned a lot in this year’s contest like how we are a very competitive region, as well as how the E6B test looks. All the experience that I learned in my first year of NIFA I want to transition over into the next few years as well as helping improving our team so that we can hopefully qualify for nationals later in my college career. Like I said I had a blast (despite weather issues) and look forward to competing in future NIFA competitions.

Well guys that’s it for this week and if you want to look up any events, test or results from the region six competition or any other region check out  for all the latest news. Also, check out for other great blogs from around the country. As always guys “Adventure is out there” and have a great Halloween

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