It’s The most Busiest Time of the Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as well as taking advantage of those black Friday deals across multiple retail stores (I know I did). With holiday season in full swing millions of people will travel across the country to visit friends and families, as well as millions of packages and online items to be shipped for delivers. So, I’m sure as you can guess the holidays is the busiest times for airliners and cargo aircrafts, but just how crazy is this holiday season going to be? Well I figured for this week’s post I would have some fun by making it a question and answer situation where I ask you all some traveling questions and see what all goes on during the holiday season. So, grab a piece of paper and pencil and let’s see how well you do with these five questions.

Question #1- How many people traveled somewhere for Thanksgiving?

No surprise that 2016 was a record setting year for people traveling during the Thanksgiving break. According to, they estimated a 4% increase in travel by Americans across the country, and of course airline travel was by far the most popular choice for people, but traveling by car comes in a close second due to gas prices being at its lowest since 2009. also projects Christmas to be the busiest travel holiday in U.S. history.

Hint- the amount of people is somewhere between 50- 125 million people.

Question #2- What is the most popular destination for the Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Okay, so I was completely surprised when I saw the answer to this, and to be honest this would be the last place I expected people to be traveling to. According to this place has the most bookings for hotels, flights, and rental cars during the holiday season. While millions of people are planning to go to Disney World for Christmas with their families, or fly in to New York City to celebrate 2017 on Times Square; these places are not the top destination for the Holiday season. In fact, it seems like more people are trying to stay away from these places, even though these places are still in the top ten destinations for the holiday season. Funny thing is that this place seems to be an escape route for adults only.

Hint- This place is very close to the West Coast. (Key word ALMOST).

Question #3- What airport are you most likely to experience delays or cancelation during the holiday season?

By far I’m we can all agree when it comes to traveling, no one want to hear that their flight has been delayed, or even worst cancelled. I’m sure millions of people hate the fact that when either of these happen, they hate the fact that they must spend part of their holidays stuck in an airport waiting to get to their destination. In fact, during the holiday season flights are at an almost 30% increase of being either delayed. Of course, the leading causes for these delays is due to weather, since during the holiday season much of the United States experiences snow or ice storms causing major travel problems throughout the entire country. So, which airport are you most likely to experience possible delays or cancellations? Well, I will say it’s in a region where multiple major airports are located.

Hint- Chicago O’Hare is a pain to travel through, but it comes in a very close second compared to this airport

Question #4-  According to UPS, how many packages do they estimate to deliver during the holiday season for 2016?

It’s no surprise that most people have resorted to online shopping, rather than battling the crowds in stores across the country, which means millions of packages and items will be shipped across the county. UPS is one of the leading delivery companies in the country, so it’s no surprise that they are gearing up for the holiday rush. UPS is expecting to have a record setting holiday season, and hopes to keep up with such high delivery demands while having few mistakes as possible. Another major issue they face this year is trying to stay ahead of its competitors, like FedEx, which is why UPS is expecting to hire more people to help with the holiday season and demand.

Hint- In 2014 UPS delivered over 630 million packages across the country, for 2016 they expect that number to increase

Question #5- Which airliner are you most likely to experience delays?

Of course, I’m sure everyone would argue why they like a certain airline and hate another. From free snacks to more on time arrivals and departures the airliners are trying to make sure you fly with them this holiday season. Out of all the major and regional airliners in the nation, there is one that has the most problems during the holiday season. This airliner has been one of the worst airliners to travel with for the past three years. In fact, you have a one-in-three chance of being either delayed or cancelled when traveling with this airliner for the holidays. Another major issue with this airliner that causes so many problems for them, is that they are currently battling shortages of employees in multiple areas from pilots, stewardess, sales representatives, and so much more no wonder they can’t keep up with other companies.

Hint- Surprisingly it’s not a major airline carrier, it’s a regional airliner.

Got your answers down? Good, now here are the actual answers to the five questions I asked you all.


#1- 98.6 million people traveled for Thanksgiving

#2- Las Vegas, Nevada

#3- Newark International Airport

#4- 700-750 million packages

#5- Allegiant Airlines


So, guys how did you all do? Like I said guys the holiday is certainly the busiest time of the year, but I always love this time of the year getting to see friends and family, playing out in the snow (that’s if we get any here in Oklahoma) and being done with semester finals. I hope you all have a great holiday season, and please be safe especially if you plan on traveling over the next few weeks. Also don’t forget to check out for the latest news from aviation colleges across the country. As always guys remember “adventure is out there!” and have a great holiday season.

Here are the sources that I used for this week’s article, feel free to read any of them.



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