The Ultimate Spring Break Getaway!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! I hope you all are gearing up for the big game tonight, (or to just watch the best commercials of the year Hopefully they are better than last years) by stuffing your face with so much food and watching it with good friends and family. Now I don’t know about how you all feel right now, but I’m to the point in the semester where I think to myself, “I’m so ready for spring break! When will it get here?”. Of course the great thing about spring break is that not only is it my Birthday (March 16th), but it also typically means Vacation time! And if I could go anywhere in the world for an amazing spring break it would be a week’s vacation in the Caribbean.

A few years ago, my family and I took a cruise across the Caribbean visiting Aruba, Curacao, The Dominican Republic, and Turks and Cacaos Islands and I absolutely want to go back very soon, especially during spring break. To me it really doesn’t matter which island I visit because the great thing about each of them is that they are unique and special in their own way, but you could also visit multiple islands during your vacation. But if you asked me to stay at one island, I would go back to Curacao in a heart-beat because that’s where I celebrated my 19th birthday at.

The great features about Curacao is that the Island looks incredible. I loved the various housing features, and how the buildings were structured along the island because since the Island is part of the Netherlands it sort of had this European design with a little Caribbean twist. And of course, you couldn’t help but fall in love with the miles and miles of beaches and the coast line along the Island. The next great thing about Curacao was how friendly and welcoming the people were. During my day, there I met so many people from Europe who were so incredibly nice and friendly, while also helping me celebrate my birthday even though they didn’t know me. Even the locals were amazing for celebrating with me, but it was also great to hear how they lived on the island, and knowing almost six different languages.

But by far the greatest feature about Curacao was the amount of activities that they had to do there. For example, one of the very first things that they had to do, was that you could take a little sea plane and get a tour of the island from the air. Throughout the day, we would see the planes fly around our ship and it looked like a lot of fun. You could also go on little safari tours where you drive little dune buggies around forest areas while also getting to see the local wildlife that live on the island. But of course, you always had the option to just lounge away on the beaches, and enjoy a good old fashion beach day. I remember I lucked up, by getting a hammock between two palm trees and getting an incredible view of the ocean. Not only that but, I also got to play volleyball with a few people, go play on an obstacle course, and just not worry about anything, except for just having fun.

So how would I get there and where would I stay you ask? Well of course I would fly there by commercial airliner, because there are two great combinations about the Caribbean Islands that I love, and that is an airport right next to a beach. I’m sure we’ve all seen videos of planes taking off and landing at Caribbean Islands like St. Marteen where people stand right under the airplane as it lands or try to hold on to the rail as a jet takes off a few feet in front of them. As far as hotels go, there was a group of hotels along the east side of the island where you can meet people from various parts of the world, while also being close to a lot of restaurants and shops during your stay, so I would want to stay over in that part of the Island.

Even though I would love to go back to Curacao one day, right now I can’t afford it (of course), but like I said before I think that a spring break vacation to any of the Caribbean Islands would be just what the doctor ordered.

Well guys that’s it for this week’s blog, Also, make sure to check out  for other great blogs and featured stories on other pilot stories as well as other reviews on aviation related articles. As always guys remember that “adventure is out there!”


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