I’ve been accepted into the Envoy Cadet Program!!


I’m sure you all don’t have to guess what I will be talking about for this week’s blog, but yes; I’m very excited and thrilled to say that I’ve been selected as part of the Cadet program for Envoy Airlines. For those of you who didn’t know, two weeks ago, I announced that I would be interviewing with recruiters from Envoy Airlines at the University of Oklahoma Aviation department in hopes of getting into the cadet program.

What is the cadet program for Envoy Airlines? The cadet program for Envoy is a way for pilots who have at least a private pilots rating to do the technical portion of the interview process, where you basically interview with a recruiter and they ask you basic questions like, why did you choose aviation as your major, what are some activities that you are involved in with aviation, what are your strengths and weaknesses, why should Envoy hire you; basically questions that they would ask you in any other job interview. So, on Monday January 30th I went in and interviewed with Envoy.

How did the interview go? Overall, I thought that the interview went great. Before I was even asked a question, I knew it was going to be a great interview, because the recruiter was a former alumnus of the University of Oklahoma aviation department and he also did the Envoy pipeline program when he was a student, and is now working for Envoy. The recruiters name was Josh, and it was great getting to know him and him talking about his college experience of what it was like here at OU as well as his experience with Envoy so far. As we began the interview, I made sure that I was answering the questions as crisp and clear as I had planned before, but I also wanted to make sure that I stood out compared to other people. For example, one of the questions was “What do you want to improve on over the next few years?’’ Immediately I responded with “that I want to improve my oral skills when it comes to the oral portion of a check ride since I have a bad habit of overthinking too much, because that’s exactly what I did on my private pilot check ride”.

When it comes to interviews, if there is any major advice I would give to you all is to try to stand out and be different from everyone else, so that the people who interview you can remember you for a long time and make an impression on them, because that was my goal with Josh is that I wanted him to remember me. I would also suggest, don’t be afraid to explain what some of your weaknesses are. During the interview, I told Josh about a few of my other weaknesses, as well as mistakes that I’ve made over the past few years that I’m not necessarily proud of, yet I’ve learned for them and I know I’m going to make more mistakes, it’s all part of the learning process in flying; I’m not a perfect pilot. When the interview was over, Josh told me that he was extremely impressed with my interview presentation and told me it would be a few days before I heard if I got into the cadet program. And sure enough, on Friday February 3rd, I got a confirmation email form Josh and the Envoy Airlines headquarters!

Now I’m sure most of you are wondering “what exactly does this mean for me as far as my piloting career for Envoy and why is this so important? Well even though this was only the technical portion of the interview, it’s still a big deal since this is the first major step to a career in the commercial airline world, especially with Envoy Airlines. It also means that as far as the interview portion of applying with Envoy, I’ve completed the first half of the interview portion; all that I have left to do is the knowledge portion of the interview (which I won’t be able to do for a few more years, but I’m in no big rush). But by far the biggest benefit about being accepted into the cadet program, is that now that Envoy knows I’m interested in a career with them in a few years, they have my records and will keep a close track on my progress through the aviation program here at the University of Oklahoma. Josh even told me that once they will check back in with me over the next few years as far as how I’m doing with my training, and once I get my instrument, commercial and multi-engine rating I can go ahead and complete the rest of the interview process and even the pipeline program that Envoy has with the University. So, it really was important doing that interview.

I’m sure you all can imagine I’m thrilled that I got into the cadet program, yet I still have a lot of training ahead of me, yet it feels great that I took my first major step into my flying career; and I hope you all do the same at your flying institutions and Universities, because you never know when another opportunity will present itself

Well guys that’s it for this week’s blog, Also, make sure to check out https://blog.globalair.com/  for other great blogs and featured stories on other pilot stories as well as other reviews on aviation related articles. As always guys remember that “adventure is out there!”


One thought on “I’ve been accepted into the Envoy Cadet Program!!

  1. Hey, Im really considering doing the envoy cadet program. I already got my multi commercial and starting CFI. Have you done the second part of the interveiw? If so can you let me know how it went? Or do you know the questions they ask in the second part?


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