My personal Favorite Aircraft.

First off I hope everyone enjoyed the much-needed spring break, but of course it’s time to get back into the grind of things and finish the last half of the semester. For this week’s post, I thought I would do a simple, and very popular topic that nearly every pilot talks about; my favorite type of aircraft. While a lot of people argue why one particular aircraft is far more superior than every other aircraft; the one aircraft I have always appreciated (and that has been by far my favorite) is the Boeing 757 aircraft.

So why is the Boeing 757 my favorite aircraft of all time? Well here’s exactly why.

The Design

In today’s society, it seems like every aircraft company (mainly Boeing and Airbus) are trying to outdo each other by creating aircraft’s with larger bodies, more seating, advanced cockpits, more power to the engines; the Boeing 757 has kept it’s original, classic look ever since it was created by Boeing in the 1980’s. Another feature I love about the Boeing 757 is the long narrow body of the aircraft. While aircraft like the 767 and 777 are incredible aircraft’s, I’ve always thought that from a pilot’s perspective both aircraft’s look like they have more difficulty getting off the ground compared to the 757. Now I know the 767/777 are meant to carry more passengers and are much heavier, but it still looks like pilots struggle to get them off the ground because of how large the two aircraft’s are. Finally, when I’ve always appreciated the fact that the engines and wings seem equally proportional. Again, in a society where industries are creating longer wings and bigger engines, the 757 has two twin engine jets, and a wing span of only 125 feet which in my mind gives it a nice equally proportion of engine size and wing span.

The Cockpit

By far my favorite feature of the 757 would honestly have to be the cockpit. The Boeing 757 uses six Rockwell Collins CRT screens to display flight instrumentation, as well as an electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) and an engine indication and crew alerting system (EICAS). The great thing about the cockpit of the 757 is that it is neither over the top, or a complicated cockpit like other aircraft’s, yet it is also not out of date or ancient like some of the older aircraft’s used in first few years of commercial flying. In addition, the 757 includes all the basic warning horns and alerts that most pilots are familiar with and have trained on throughout most of their career. In fact, a lot of today’s commercial airline pilots prefer to fly the 757 over most other aircraft’s because of the cockpit and aircraft performance.

The Performance

As far as performance goes, one feature that I’ve always appreciated about the 757 from a passenger stand point, is that the engines are much quitter as compared to other jet engines. If you’re a frequent flyer, like I am, you tend to hear that annoying whining sound that the engines make and to me it’s very annoying. Yet, the 757 engines tend to make a quieter humming sound which sounds a lot more soothing. For a lot of commercial airliners, they tend to like using the 757 because it can be used for long domestic flights (example Los Angeles to New York) or short overseas international flights (example Boston to Iceland) so it’s almost like getting a two for one deal. Also, airline pilots tend to prefer the Boeing 757 performance over other aircraft’s because of how quickly they can climb out and get off the ground. Since the landing gear is a lot higher compared to other aircrafts, this gives the 757 the ability to climb out quicker, as well as allowing for a slightly greater angel of attack compared to other aircraft’s. It also helps relieve some stress for pilots, since they don’t have to worry about a tail strike on takeoff or landing in the Boeing 757.

In the end, I think the main reason I love the 757 so much is that it fits my personality, it’s a very classic aircraft, and I consider myself a classic guy. It’s neither an aircraft that is over the top yet not old or ancient like some others, and I hope the 757 never loses its classic look or features for as long as it is in service.

Well guys that’s it for this week’s blog, Also, make sure to check out  for other great blogs and featured stories on other pilot stories as well as other reviews on aviation related articles. As always guys remember that “adventure is out there!”


Photo credits and research goes to Boeing, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines.


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