Why I always end my blog with “Adventure is out there!”

School is finally out, and no more final exams! Wohoo! Also, some big congratulations to the class of 2017 at both the high school and college level, I wish you all the best of luck in the next chapter of your lives. With this being my last blog post for the school year, I thought I’d make this a fun one by discussing why I always end my post with the famous saying form one of Pixar’s most beloved films “Up” “Adventure is out there” and why I find this quote to be so inspiring as well as why it applies to the world of aviation.

When I first saw the movie “Up” the story line touched me, just like most of you probably are if you’ve seen the movie. I love the various aspects and events that occur in pretty much everyone’s life whether if it’s getting married, wanting to have kids, receiving bad news, or even losing a loved one it just shows the good and the bad in everyday life. But the biggest thing that I loved about the movie was the quote “Adventure is out there” because all our lives are truly an adventure that we must encounter. I even love the quote so much that one day, I want to have the quote tattooed on my back with of course balloons around it (yes mom I know it will hurt, but it will be worth it).

So why do I believe this quote applies so well to the aviation world? Well, for starters it’s sort of ironic that the quote comes from Charles F. Muntz (who was the guy in the movie searching for the exotic bird in the movie) who ironically flew a blimp, so in a weird sort of way it does relate back to aviation. But the primary reason that I believe this quote applies to all pilots, is the fact that every flight is a new opportunity to go out on a new adventure and explore the world. Just like in the movie there are some flight that we will always remember, and of course there are some flights we wish to forget, but that’s the beauty about flying you never know what new adventures await on your next flight whether if you are a student pilot in training or the captain of a commercial airline pilot.

If you are like me, my friends always ask me “why did you decide to become a pilot?” and most of the time I just smile and laugh at them, look up to the sky and tell them that “because it’s an indescribable feeling looking down at the earth thousands of feet up in the air, and that there’s always a new adventure out there, waiting to be discovered. That’s why I decided to become a pilot.”

Well guys that’s it for this school year blogging, and I wish you all a safe and fun filled summer. Also, make sure to check out https://blog.globalair.com/  for other great blogs and featured stories on other pilot stories as well as other reviews on aviation related articles. As always guys remember, well I think most of you know what I’ll sign off with.




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